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Sweet Earth Chocolates

Organic Chocolates

1445 Monterey St
San Luis Obispo, 93401
Second phone:

Chocolate that's better for the earth! Consuming chocolate made from organically grown cocoa is one giant step toward reducing our dependence on petroleum-based agricultural inputs while supporting small growers who intercrop growing as many 6 crops on one small plot. This is a stark contrast with plantation-style growing, where the rainforest is cut down to permit mono-cropping and petroleum-based agricultural chemicals are commonly used. We believe that the environment has been damaged enough by these POPs (persistant organic pollutants) that kill our lakes and streams. Currently, our beans come from either the Dominican Republic, Peru or Costa Rica, the only countries in the world where there are farmers' cooperatives that are certified organic and Fair Trade. In the meantime, a portion of our profits from our chocolate bars will go to support West African cooperatives in their efforts to become organic. Many of our specialty chocolates can be ordered by the piece for special events and wrapped in foils to match your colors. They make great table favors for weddings and special parties. If you are interested in a custom chocolate order call Joanne at 805-544-7759.

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