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Eco Babies

We Provide Healthier Air Quality, Efficiency, Products & Design for your Family

182 Loma Bonita Drive
San Luis Obispo, 93401

Parents want to create a safe and healthy space for new babies. It is unfortunate that so many basic needs in a standard baby room contain toxic chemicals that have been proven to cause health problems. A newborns body is very delicate and susceptible to harmful air quality.

To ensure your babies room is safe and healthy, you need to have the ecoguru show you your options. From paints, toys, carpet, ventilation to lighting, layout, materials and much more, the ecoguru is here to help!

From home evaluations to safe baby products and from nursery design to complete room additions, I'm your ecoguru!

Traci grew up in Los Angeles and attended architecture school at Cal Poly. Combining Art, Design, Modern Architecture, Eco Architecture and a passion for Smart Building, she has become the ecoguru! As a full time Green Consultant, Eco Designer and LEED Professional, Traci can guide your project from dreams to realities without compromising your wants and needs.

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