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The Eco Guru

Your Green Home Designer!

182 Loma Bonita Drive
San Luis Obispo, 93401

Green Consulting
Traci has creative and practical ways to reduce energy and water consumption for your home. By using green Checklists she can walk you through an established green building standard or she can customize a greening method that fits your particular needs.
Interior Design
Designing contemporary & sophisticated interiors are one of Traci's strongest talents. Using a blend of color, texture, and patterning can build a cozy and inspiring space for any room in your home.
Eco Architecture
From the structure to the finishes, each material can be thought of from an environmental impact standpoint. From prioritizing your projects level of 'green' to choosing green materials for your home or business, you can count on the ecoguru to guide you.
Additions and Remodels
The ecoguru will work with your existing architectural style to create a seamless addition. She will work with you to remodel any part of your home or business- updating your space and adding value to your project.
Custom Architecture
Let Traci design the home you have always dreamt of for you and your family. She will work with you to create any style of home you desire with creativity and quick results.
Design & Drafting
Being in the field of Architectural Design & Drafting since 1997, Traci can work quickly and affordably to design & build needed plans.

Parents want to create a safe and healthy space for new babies. It is unfortunate that so many basic needs in a standard baby room contain toxic chemicals that have been proven to cause health problems. A newborns body is very delicate and susceptible to harmful air quality.

To ensure your babies room is safe and healthy, you need to have the ecoguru show you your options. From paints, toys, carpet, ventilation to lighting, layout, materials and much more, the ecoguru is here to help!

From home evaluations to safe baby products a

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