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Juice Plus +

The Recipe for Better Health

Bay Vista Lane
Los Osos, 93402

Do YOU eat 9-13 servings of Fruits and Vegetables EVERY day???

* Juice PLUS+® is 17 fruits, vegetables, and a capsule, chewable, or gummie!
* The most thoroughly researched nutritional supplement in the world!
* Published in 14 Peer-Reviewed, Medical Journals.

* Support a Healthy Immune System
* Increase Cardiovascular Health
* Increase Antioxidants in the Blood
* Decrease Oxidative Stress on the body
* Protect your DNA
* Children between the ages of 4-18 and full time college students can eat Juice PLUS+®
for FREE when an adult signs up for capsules. (Ask about the Children’s Health Study)
* Fruits and Vegetables are the ONLY way to combat free radicals (oxidative stress) in your
body. If you don’t eat 9-13 per day, bridge the gap with Juice PLUS+®!

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