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Spirit Winds Therapy

Spirit Winds Therapy

Spirit Winds Therapy

Spirit Winds Therapy

Spirit Winds Therapy
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Spirit Winds Therapy

Physical Therapy for the body, mind & spirit

1422 Monterey St Ste C-102
San Luis Obispo, 93401

What is Spirit Winds Therapy?
Spirit Winds Therapy is a holistic physical therapy clinic where �East meets West�. A Western understanding of anatomy and physiology is blended with Eastern philosophies of the energetic interactions of the body. Treatment occurs in an intimate, peaceful, calming, supportive & personal environment. The care provided at Spirit Winds Therapy is administrated in 3 different ways: through Manual Therapy, through Low Level Laser Therapy and through Exercise.

The use of hands for therapy is called �Manual Therapy� and it is what Spirit Winds Therapy specializes in & what truly differentiates us from most other physical therapy practices. The development of these hand skills comes from years of extensive training in both Integrative Manual TherapyTM and Biovalent Systems�. These two approaches, along with techniques specially developed by Michele S. Jang, provide the client with a custom made, powerful and revolutionary therapy that is able to treat a wide range of ailments.

Spirit Winds Therapy augments your rehabilitation process by use of a modality called Low Level Laser Therapy. All illness, disease process, aches and pains involve cells that are not operating at their full potential. Low Level Laser Therapy works by recharging your cells. The Low Level Laser device emits specific wavelengths of light into your body. These specific wavelengths promote the production of an enormous amount of cellular energy known as ATP. This energy can then be used to assist your cells to heal and regenerate faster, thus reducing and /or eliminating your aches and pains.

The last way that we administer physical therapy is through Exercises, which consist of stretches, strengthening and neuromuscular retraining as appropriate and specific to your needs. These exercises help retrain and maintain the gains that have been made structurally through the Manual and Low Level Laser Therapies. Education of proper body mechani

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