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Tile and grout cleaning

1121 Tama Ln, #B
Santa Maria, 93455

Tile and grout cleaning- The cleaning process can restore grout to 65% to 85% of its original look. The cleaning process also sanitizes showers and counters killing most common germs, bacteria, and mildew.

Grout Color Restoration and Sealing- This process restores old grout to a like new appearance making the floor easier to maintain. On new grout, the color is 'locked in' and dirt and stains are 'locked out'.

Recaulking- Dirty, stained, and cracked calking around tubs showers, and sinks is removed and replaced.

Anti slip treatment- A special sealant is applied that raises the coefficient of friction of the floor, tub, or shower. It is invisible and usually can not be felt.

Natural stone sealing- Floors, patios, counters, and showers can be made of natural stone. Sometimes they need to be sealed to protect them from oil and water based stains. Options include a natural look, color enhancement, and adding a shine to the look of the stone.

Natural stone cleaning and polishing- This is the process of cleaning, removing lipage and scratches, honing, and polishing.

Using our unique 4 step process, we can revitalize your tile and grout surfaces. This process not only restores your surfaces to their original beauty, it also guards your grout from future staining and discoloring. Here is a description of the benefits of the products we use.

We can make your grout look like new again.

1) Clean with a high alkaline cleaning solution.
2) Rinse with water to remove dirt and solution.
3) Dry the grout with a blower.
4) Apply stain sealer to the groutline.

The result is a floor that looks brand new!

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