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Healthy Inspirations


150 S. Mary Ave, Suite #1
Nipomo, 93444
(805) 929-3555

Healthy Inspirations is a weight loss and lifestyle program that guarantees it's participants will lose 2-3 pounds per week!

The program has four distinct components. First is nutritional guidance and counseling. Second is exercise. The third is relaxation therapy, and the fourth is Synergie treatments, which is an aesthetic treatment designed to help reduce the appearance of cellulite.

How is Healthy Inspirations Different Than Other Weight Loss Programs?

There are many ways in which Healthy Inspirations is different from other weight loss programs. Below are just a few...
* Healthy Inspirations is a complete turn-key program for weight loss, all under one roof.
* Healthy Inspirations is a total lifestyle program, not a quick fix. The program is done over an extended period of time to ensure that the client integrates their new behavior as a way of life, not just involved in the program until they reach their goal weight. This results in a higher success rate for clients.
* Healthy Inspirations gives clients individualized eating plans to meet each client's lifestyle WITH food that the client buys from the grocery store. This ensures that the client knows what to buy and prepare during their entire program so that when they have finished they will keep the weight off.
* The Healthy Inspirations program does not use a group meeting setting, which is very comforting for many weight loss participants. Instead, HEALTHY INSPIRATIONS provides each client with personal, one- on-one counseling sessions three times per week during their Healthy Weight Loss phase, two times per week during their Healthy Balance stage, and one time per week during their Healthy Lifestyle stage. Not only does this increase the comfort level of the client but also greatly increases the success ratio through on-going accountability.
* Healthy Inspirations follows the advice of the U.S. Surgeon General and incorporates regula

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